Sunday, January 1, 2012


This is a complete list of all my published poems. Most can be read by clicking the title. Some are only available in print. For a detailed publication history, see the "Ongoing Poetry Appearances" tab above.

2016: Hermit Thrush
2016: All the Good of the World (prose poem/vignette)
2015: Butterfly
2015: Gold 'n' Blue Sunrise
2015: A Climbing Rose in a Ruin
2015: White Heart (reworked older poem)
2015: Ghoul of the Enamel
2015: Winter from Below
2015: We Call Them the Gods
2014: Post-Funeral Mission (to Mars)
2014: Intimate Universes (nominated for a 2015 Rhysling Award)
2014: Neutral Ground (prose poem/vignette)
2014: Misery of He Who is Older than All Men
2014: Sketch by Sketch (prose poem/vignette)
2014: Phoenixes (an old poem reworked for publication)
2014: Dawn Chorus (featured on a UK-based radio program)
2013: Faerystruck Down (nominated for a 2014 Rhysling Award)
2013: Making Amends
2013: Leaving the Old Us
2013: "Winter at dawn..."
2013: A poem written in Washington
2013: "I walk past laughing lovers..."
2013: Shimmer

Older Poems
Many of these poems were first published in one or more of the following books: A Walk Through the Arboretum, Kairos, Selected Poems 2004-2007, 10 Love Poems, Collected Poems, and The Interzone Poets 1-5.

A Night on the Beach (in print version of Kairos)
Before the Storm Wet the Earth (1st place poetry, 5th Annual Skyway Writers Festival)
Below Zero
Emma's Favorite Thing to Look At (vignette/flash fiction)
Falling Apart
Fish-tailing (in print version of Kairos)
I Love You (Best of the Web - Love Life Poems)
I.D.H. and F.H.L. (in print version of Kairos)
In Pursuit of a Better Day (in print version of Kairos)
Ivory, Bills, and Woodpeckers (in print version of Kairos)
Meteor Showers (I'm not crazy) (in print version of Kairos)
Never Let It In
Not So Bad (in print version of Kairos)
Only A Dream?
Outside, the Silent Garden
Poet (nominated for Best of the Net 2014)
Somewhere (honorable mention, 4th Annual Skyway Writers Festival)
Submission (in print version of Kairos)
The Props at My Funeral (nominated for Best of the Net 2011)
The Symptoms of My Envy (are clear)
Trees Outstanding
Trout Swimming Upstream for Nickels and Dimes (winner, Wilda Morris's Poetry Challenge, Dec. 2009)
Where She Sleeps
Winter Vacation

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