Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Good Night

Ducks huddle in marshy niches, the day is putting away.
The light eddies, the aquatics stir, the edge dwellers scurry.
A splash turns heads; was it a fish? It was a fish.

A gang of mud bubbles race towards the lily pads;
they pop quietly at the surface, releasing myriad secrets.
But the bullfrog, he never heard them, nor cared to listen anyway.

A tired wind falls back, stretching across the reeds:
Always better to blow good and well in the morning;
always better when the cold can’t stop you.

By day’s productive end, no cattails fell in love;
the sexy sway of rushes falling short of enticement.
Though no lust between vegetation, on a bug level—look out!

A mossy-hand mirage hovers over the landscape,
touching the switch for night & day. A crepuscular
bell sounds, and activity fills the sanctuary.

All’s well and in place—

A gentle push, it’s dim.
Pushed harder, and twilight descends.
Down further, the moon lights the water.
Down all the way, good night.

From the book Kairos (print version only)

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