Thursday, January 10, 2013


We’d drill holes in the sun
if we learned of its profit.

We’d capsize a mountain
for a handful of gold.

This could be a reality in man’s plan
as we slice the throat of our mother.
Everything that is natural, beautiful,
and good for the eyes of our children may be lost.

We’d build roads over the oceans
if one day desired it so.

We’d construct elevators to the moon
to colonize its craters.

We’re forcing wilderness into small remnants,
disrupting the fragile balance as we go.
And still we plow, strip, burn, cut, molest and demean;
still we take, choke, consume and waste.

What will our children think of all this?
What level of greed will they inherit?

We’d kick around a law
if we needed more fuel.

We’d attack a delicate Refuge
to pride an Administration:

One day a white man will knock down the last sequoia tree.
One day a white man will slice through the last remnant of tundra.
One day a white man will murder his own mother—

One day we will rue that day.

From the book Kairos (print version only)

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