Saturday, February 1, 2014

Poems published in anthology for charity

This post is about a charity publication I'm in called Passages. It's a poetry anthology from Dagda Publishing, and 50% of the proceeds go to charities for the disabled and the homeless. It is not expensive, and the book comes in paperback ($6.64 US) and ebook ($2.99 US) formats. It is available in multiple countries. 

Two of my poems are featured in this anthology. It also features wonderful poems by Wilda Morris, a very talented writer I know from Chicago. 

For the record, I greatly support charity-driven publications. So please consider buying a copy and sharing this post with friends and family. It's a nice gift idea. And, as Editor Reg Davey says, "Buy a book, feed your mind, support charity and social enterprise." 

Thanks for listening! 

Here's how to get it*: 

For the paperback, click here.
For the Kindle version, click here.

*Let me know if these options don't work for you. There might be alternatives. 

Lastly, please visit Dagda Publishing for other charity titles: website

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