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This is a list of my unpublished stories, poems, essays, observations, and scraps from old notebooks and computer files. Includes juvenilia and a few non-extant writings. Does not include rough drafts, abandoned or otherwise.

An Interview with Creepyboy Jack (flash fiction; juvenilia)
"An old woman sat in her flower garden..." (micro-fiction; non-extant)
Johnny No One (flash fiction; juvenilia)
Shouldn't Have Locked You in the Closet (micro-fiction; non-extant)
The Cocky Fisherman (micro-fiction)
The Heart that Sizzled in the Devil's Palm (short story)
The Prairie (short story)

Cri du Chat Syndrome
Environmental Ethics: Development
Promoting the Concept of Perception as a Recreation
Suburbia and Suburban Wildlife

2017: "I want to be..."
2017: Ruffed Grouse
2017: Thoughts of Away
2017: The Ca'erpiwah (prose poem/vignette)
2017: In the Dawn
2017: Bloom of Gray
2016: Done
2016: Brown Creeper
2014: Binary Star (non-extant)
2014: Paper (non-extant)
2013: Bullhorn (non-extant)
2013: Day & Night
2012: There's a Mouse in My Nose

Older Poems:
A Good Time
All Because of You
Beauty Effect
Beyond the Horizon (non-extant)
Boarding Up an Empty Heart
Commercial for the Wide-eyed and Lonely
Dark Bars and 1 Drink Too Many
Dreams of a Garden
"Forced to look at the illusion of myself..."
Free to Go
From Red to Green
Frozen at the Leaving
"How can I dream of you..." (fragment)
I Forgive Your Cautious Heart
I Know a Girl
I Will Rise and Look Upon Her
I. Bottle. Situation.
"I shook with longing..." (fragment)
Jasaiku (a series of haiku-ish poems; a few were published)
Labyrinth Mouth
Lust in Cyberspace (non-extant)
Obnoxious to LS (a series of intentionally bad poems written for a particular occasion)
Quieting the Agnostic
Roman Today (non-extant)
Searching for Shibboleth (non-extant)
She Could've Been (My Constellation Prize)
Since Nothing of Us Remains
Stuck With It
The Bane of a Closed Man
The Bite of Egomania
The Heart Longs to Love
The Kiss of Two Cities (non-extant)
The Room that Isn't There
The White Goddess (non-extant)
The Yeti
"They say the crow flying..." (fragment)
This One Heart
Unborn (non-extant)
Usurpers Evil
"We were defining what it was..." (fragment)
When We Would Touch
You are the Sunset, I am the Sun
"You found me..." (fragment)

A Man Lays Down
A Real Cut-Up
"A rose, by candlelight..."
"Acid rain drips off the unspoken tongue..."
Another Reason I Love You
"Anticipation has made this..." (fragment)
"Autumn turns me your favorite colors..."
"Bird of Paradise..."
"Counting stars..." (fragment)
"Crumbling ships press on..."
...Early to Rise
"I am a flake off the scalp of insanity..." (fragment)
"I fumbled over my waking..."
"I have no gestures for my story..." (fragment)
"I should go explore the cosmos..." (fragment)
I Stand, Waiting
"I'd have been a beggar..." (fragment)
"I will pull you into view..."
"If there is anything impossible..." (fragment)
"If you're ever free to wander..." (fragment)
"I open my arms to an avalanche..." (fragment)
Is Love...
"I've wondered about Time..."
"Lately/In the forest..."
"Let's say you actually dig your way to China..."
Let Us Go There

A Hermit Thrush (non-extant)
"A light is brightest..."
A Moment in the Forest
"All these mindless wires..."
Best Solo Lunch of the Winter... So Far
Brown-shaded Gray
"Daffodils blooming..."
Foothills Parkway
"I highly recommend..."
"In falling asleep on mossy ground..."
It's the small things
Journal entries from old notebook (non-extant)
Journal entries from Morton Arboretum nature writing class 2004
Journal entries from Wildbranch Writing Workshop 2004 (non-extant)
Never Judge a Book by Its Cover (Original title: Subjective Beauty)
Observations in March
"Once, at a Waffle House..." (Original title: Subjective Beauty)
Ranty Thing: The Internet (non-extant)
Soul in the South
Thought of the Day
Whip-poor-will Road (an account)
"Why would I put my faith..."
"You wake up one morning..."

"87% of hotdog..."
A new slogan for the modern age
"Everyone calls regular mail..."
Cats Rule!
"I figured it out..."
"I figured out a new thing..."
"I raise my glass..."
"I shouldn't have put..."
"I want to be pagan but..."
"If a person turns into a zombie..."
"I'm going to form a rock band..."
"In America..."
"Mr. and Mrs. Mold..."
"Nearly every bug..."
"One out of every..."
"My cat is..."
Thank You

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