Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bad poetry written whilst drinking North American absinthe

Forced to look at the illusion of myself,
The mirror cracks
And I find myself swimming through the shag carpet.
I curl into a ball under the foot of those that walk over me.
I burst into dust am vacuumed up
Forever asleep in the vacuum cleaner bag
Alone with dead skin cells, bread crumbs and hair.
I close my eyes and fall into a deep sleep.
Oh, sleep—the coat over my naked, cold body.
Someone lights a candle and I feel myself being poured,
Green and wet, into a glass.
Clumps of sugar clunk against my head. 

The following may or may not be a part of the same "poem," but it was written the same night. 

I bleed into a shadow
Lose my body
Am just a brain
A brain longing to be insane
But the suburban life remains 

I drink absinthe to land on the shore of genius,
But find I've only gone down river, to Elgin. 

I'm going to start a nuclear war with myself.
Be a POW for awhile, then break free.
Go to a pet store and release all the lizards. 

            Go lizards go!
            Be free.
            Find your hot sun.
            Discover your rock.

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