Thursday, October 9, 2014

Boarding Up an Empty Heart (old unpublished poem)

I look out the window,
deep into the pink, soft clouds.
I can’t stop wondering
if I should close my eyes.

Years ago, I was loved by
the heart of a beautiful girl.
She was a kind, special person.
She taught me the world.

Her heart was entrusted to me,
and I would fill it every day
with poetry and light.
I had loved her back, forever-fold.

Then something happened.
What could it have been?
Something tore us apart,
something invisible.

Now I wander through vacant layers
beneath the world and its beauty.
I plead for love's mercy—no reply.
Just the echo of falling tears.

So I turn from the window,
away from the bright, warm memories.
And I can’t help wondering
if I should close my heart.

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