Thursday, October 9, 2014

I Forgive Your Cautious Heart (old unpublished poem)

When winds blow
and settle for the night,
an occurrence has been known
to fill their whimsy.
A notion called Chanceignoring all
the dust, leaves, birds and butterflies;
and embracing the currents of its arms
around itself. 

And if love may be that notion,
then it would be okay for you (the wind)
to breathe as one with yourself
while contemplating. 

Another breeze will come along,
and it will see you, and slow down,
and swirl around your body
in a gesture of adoration. 

And maybe, if the time’s right,
and your cautious heart may care,
you’ll let this breeze, which cares for you deeply,
lift you higher than you’ve ever known.

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