Thursday, October 9, 2014

Jasaiku (a series of old haiku-ish poems)

Morning sun
Birds awake and sing
A few just whistle

End of winter:
Impatient minnow
in a thawing pond

Winter at dawn:
Frozen coyote shit
on the trail

Above the creek
I think of you
A bridge always meant a kiss

The earth and the sky
have conspired
to better our world

I walk beneath a blue sky
I walk
beneath a billion stars

A puddle of water
Bright green grass
just beneath

If you’re worried
about rushing through life
start walking uphill

I walk past laughing lovers.
No need to know
what was funny.

Butterfly tries to land
in a world where man
turns the green to gray

Mr. Red-winged Blackbird
Hurry and pick your territory
The gals are on their way

Song Sparrow sings and sings…
He could have been called
Sore Throat Sparrow

Spring migration:
Fragments of rainbow
flash among the leaves

(published as “The sound of toads…”)
A toad trilling
after a spring storm
calms the soul, breaks the heart

"I walk past laughing lovers...," "Song Sparrow...," "Spring migration...," and "A toad trilling..." also appear in the book Wilderness & Love.

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