Pub Listing

This is a list of all the publications my work has appeared in (that I'm aware of). Thank you to the many editors that have accepted my stories and poems over the years, sometimes on more than one occasion.

69 Flavors of Paranoia
a handful of stones
A Place for Tulsi
A Prairie Journal
Adept Press/Small Brushes
Alternative Reel
Ancient Heart Magazine
Aoife's Kiss
Arts Beat Magazine
Autumn Leaves
Bards and Sages Quarterly
Bewildering Stories
Black Petals
Bolts of Silk
Bright Light Multimedia
Caught in the Net
Chantarelle's Notebook
Crawling Through the Dirt (anthology)
Dagda Publishing
Daily Love
Deadman's Tome
Death Head Grin
Death Throes Webzine
Disturbed Digest
Down in the Dirt
DuPage Valley Review
echo (anthology)
Electric Spec
Every Day Poets
Eye on Life Magazine
Flashes in the Dark
Foliate Oak Literary Magazine
Help Inspire Others Project (anthology)
Horrified Press (anthology press)
Illinois State Poetry Society
Ink Sweat & Tears
Insight (Waubonsee Community College)
Jellyfish Whispers
Kane County Chronicle
Kind of a Hurricane Press
Language and
Leaves of Ink
Linguistic Erosion
Liquid Imagination
Long Story Short
Love Life Poems
Love's Chance Magazine
Mad Swirl
Message in a Bottle Poetry Magazine
Morpheus Tales
Mythic Delirium
Nomad's Choir
Penny Dreadful
Pink Litter
Poetry Kit
Poetry Monthly
Poetry Pacific
Poetry Super Highway
Poets Against War
Poet's Haven
Poet's Ink
Pond Ripples Magazine
Prairie Light Review
Red Owl Magazine
River Poets Journal
Romance Travel Magazine
Rose Red Review
Sacred Journey
Savant Books 2011 Poetry Anthology
Schlock! Webzine
Science Fiction Poetry Association
Sein und Werden
Skyline Magazine
Skyway Writers Festival (contest anthology)
SNM Horror Magazine
Songs of Innocence
Space and Time Magazine
Spaceports & Spidersilk
Spectral Realms (edited by S.T. Joshi)
Spire (Elgin Community College)
State of Imagination
Symmetry Pebbles
Tales of the Talisman
Tales to Terrify (audio podcast)
The Blind Man's Rainbow
The Bright Light Café
The Bugle (newspaper)
The Cat's Meow for Writers & Readers Magazine
The Horror Zine
the IMPpress
The Linnet's Wings
The Open Mike Poetry Show (Winchcombe Radio)
The pacific REVIEW (pacREV)
The Penwood Review
The Pink Chameleon
The Shine Journal
The Sirens Call eZine
The Speculative Edge
The World of Myth Magazine
Thick With Conviction
Thirteen Myna Birds
Thirteen O'Clock Press (anthology press)
Twisted Dreams Magazine
Voices on the Wind
WestWard Quarterly
Wilda Morris's Poetry Challenge
Word Salad Poetry Magazine
Work to a Calm
Write On!! Poetry Magazette
Writers of Grace (anthology series)

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