Thursday, February 18, 2010

Best Solo Lunch of the Winter... So Far

During lunch at the Morton Arboretum today I sat and watched two bluebirds, six Cedar Waxwings, four goldfinches and a pair of Mourning Doves pick through the exposed grass in a sunlit patch of snow. A Red-bellied Woodpecker called out from the trees nearby while two Fox Squirrels, tails bouncing, chased each other in the distant woods. No computers, no cell phones, no other people. Not a penny spent. Heaven.


  1. Beautiful to imagine! Thanks for sharing.

    Its hard to get technology out of the way. I remember a time during a trip I sat out on a rock in the quiet of the night looking at the stars and there was something moving even there, distracting thoughts....a satellite.

  2. I want to comment, but I'm not sure what to write... except "neat!" :-) I feel lucky to have an office with a window out of which I can see and hear all sorts of nature. I have wildflowers growing right outside my window. Besides the wind in the pines around the Annex, I hear a myriad of songbirds - I've even heard an owl a couple of times. I heard a skunk foraging right below my window - I was so quiet as I moved to the window, I could watch him from less than two feet away and he never knew I was there. Indeed, heaven!