Friday, November 16, 2012

Below Zero

A dimness has poured over the bright of her day,
where dirty light tightens around the body, squeezing
bitter truth from lemon-flavored karma.

An infant’s voice bounces and plays inside her head,
where love is a pale, frozen rainbow; shining
just faintly above an empty playground.

The choice came with the crystal air of a cruel winter.
The day was cold—unforgivably cold—but heat danced through it.
No one would come close to understanding this.

Now, she is rigid; severely pensive beneath falling white.
Acrobatic thoughts dissolve within her stillness
as winter coils around her, ready to strike:

And in the icy wind, a baby cries.
Tiny footprints in the snow fade away.
Where once was a life is now empty space—
empty space with a fading lullaby.

(From the books Kairos and Collected Poems)

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