Sunday, December 2, 2012

Her Day

She knelt down by the creek
cupped her hands and began to drink
the fish gave her a wink
and she began to think:

Oh lover, off running from the sun
let me be your reason again
your reason to hold a hand
let me show you the strength of a friend.

And she stayed for many hours of the day
collecting flowers and giving tears away
all the while mother nature would say
Your heart needs soothing, my dear
This is the only way!

So she pulled away those burrs of denial
tossed them aside, rank and file
inhaled the breath of life all the while
and soon her heart began to smile.

Then with rejoice she thanked the fish
danced around butterflies, blew them a kiss
felt her heart had gotten its wish
and picked a mushroom to make a dish.

Sunset came and soon it was twilight
so she hurried on home like a wren in flight
thinking to find her lover that night
hoping that he just might…

And whether it was feather or song
flower or fragrance
the earth or its sky
she doesn't know
she can't decide.

But during that day
more had become clear:
Your heart is soothed, my dear.

(From the book Kairos)

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