Thursday, January 10, 2013

Holding Hands (a simple pleasure)

I sit at my desk this morning,
turn my head from the computer
and stare at my hands.

The aroma of hazelnut coffee
swirls around me.

And I think—
My god, these hands have really accomplished.
They’ve done a million interesting and uninteresting things;
they’ve been to so many places.

Suddenly, I’m walking along the lake,
watching seagulls coast over the waves.
And then, with the softest of touches,
my hand is taken and I return to her.

The aroma of spring love
swirls around us.

I look over into her beautiful, adoring eyes,
and it occurs to me that simple pleasures
are nothing short
of miracles.

(From the books 10 Love Poems and Kairos)

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