Thursday, January 10, 2013

It’s All Good (after the rain falls)

Escaped reverie floats across the spider-eyed skyline.
A frayed, torn edge dangles in the stove-hot wind.
Antiseptic thoughts drip from her cold, charcoal eyes—
What could she do but try and mend?

Tongue like thread, voice the unplugged machine.
Spit to shore by a black lake, landing on musty old leaves.
Each and every boxed up, packed away tear crashes
to the forefront—yesterday cracks wide open.

She screams it out: all her sadness, all the madness.
Dark clouds release the past, drenching the moment.
It seeps down, channels through new ground;
a dormant seed awakens, busts through the rock.

Yes! the sun is coming out!
The dark, sinister heel is lifting.
A hairball falls from the mouth of discontent.
The sad-faced wind-up toy goes over the fiery edge.

Down comes the sunlight, in thousands of rays;
descending, cleansing arrowheads of light from the sky.
Golden needle-points sketch her eyes into rainbows.
They may be small, but in sheer numbers they conquer.

She stands up, wipes herself off,
and skips a rock over the blue lake.
The benevolent scenery picks her up in its vines;
tosses her over to the flipside of life.

(From the book Kairos)

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