Thursday, January 10, 2013

Little Me in My Big Badass World

I traveled the open sea
on a wooden pirate ship
and made Santa walk the plank.

I climbed the highest mountains
and all the tallest buildings
to toss money from all the banks.

I danced on a white beach,
where I skipped an irate crab across the tide—
and I did all these things when I was still just a child.

I paraded through gardens
with the flowers in my mouth,
then ran from all those angry bees
about a hundred miles south.

I slid down rainbows
and landed in pots of gold!
Which got the leprechaun fired,
or so I was told.

I put out forest fires
to save critters from igniting,
and held a meeting with the earth's leaders
to stop all the fighting:

I explored the whole world
and even flew through space—
because in my big badass world I did it all!

From the book Kairos (print version only)

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