Thursday, January 10, 2013

Love and Words

There awoke in me, on a night enlightened by
magnificent starlight, fancies for poetic pursuit in
the name of love. And of this, an autumn-haired,
spring-eyed beauty of sweet unawareness.

I became a romantic, for all intents and purposes,
and bowed as a knight to his maiden in waiting.
I was taken. I was subdued and held prisoner—
I was willing.

In her heart were the moist soils of Eden, full of music
not heard since the day love was cast upon the world.
I took her hand and splashed the grass with my melting,
saw angels under the gospel of her voice.

I was no longer just a man, but a vessel for poetry.
And I finally knew what it was to be alive:
To inhale love, to exhale words, to truly breathe—
like a sonnet venturing from the page.

(From the books Kairos, 10 Love Poems,
and Collected Poems)

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