Friday, January 11, 2013

Out of the Ad Space

Out of the Ad Space

“Those who linger long in false reflections
run the risk of soul abandonment.” – Future proverb

Out of the ad space – today’s woman:
Flawless skin. Hair a curtain
shot to heaven in waves of synthetic color.
Angled, porcelain white cheeks, carmine blush,
gilded lashes, breasts robust and firm.
Thin-thighed Aphrodite. The pixels of her eyes
stream elite parties. A glamorous you.

Out of the ad space – today’s man:
Perfect 5 o’clock. Metrosexual stud hair
in waves of combat colors.
Chiseled, masculine face, tan skin,
winning smile, chest wide and strong.
Designer-jeaned Adonis. The pixels of his eyes
stream quixotic adventures. A gallant you.

Out of the ad space – today’s marketing:
Target everyone. Categorize customers
in waves of insecurity, vanity, fallow lives.
Scan pupils. Upload to optic nerves:
pricing, privacy, promise of PERFECTION.
Narcissus-headed Cerberus. The pixels of its eyes
stream fallen empires. An ersatz society.

First published in the September 2012 issue of Aoife’s Kiss (and voted
best poem of that issue by readers).

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