Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sharing the Moon

A strand of luna moths fly west,
an esoteric fluttering beneath the stars.
A heartbeat lullaby serenades the cosmos—
I dare hum its sorrows.

It’s all her dream calling out to me;
it’s the sad melody of her heart.

An ocean sounds from a lakeside shell,
an eternal blue swirling inside a vessel.
Her voice is there, it plays among the waves—
I cannot resist much longer.

It’s all her lighthouse waving me in;
it’s the soft transmission of her soul.

I wade into this blue enchantment,
grab at these visions like sinking jewels,
but my hands sweep through their evanescence—
lightning-fast promises of love.

So I slam my fist on a pool of her eyes,
curse the clouds that project her face.
My dreams are inhaled by the moon above—
I should hate that moon, that jealous moon . . .

But wait, the moon—that’s it!
We share the moon!
The moon lights the ocean;
it brightens the lake!

But is the moon enough?

Her beauty is sewn within the fabric of my life,
my eyes see her during the night and day.
Her hair blows across the morning sky,
her touch is legendary among the stars.

Yet we exist apart, exist within different covers of the same book.
Still I wonder, is the moon enough?

But as sure as the world is cruel
and love is often a thorn inside it,
we will have the moon, we will have the night—
I will write poetry on the very moonlight!

For I know she walks her starlit shores,
watching for gifts on the turbulent sea.
And I know she’ll see my loving words—
sonnets ablaze on the cool, dark sand.

Because it’s all my dream calling out to her;
it’s the soft transmission of my soul.

From the book Kairos (print version only)

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