Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Hearts’ Embrace

I walked along the torn edges of her spirit
and understood the silent flow of her blood.
It made me run out from beneath the sun
into the glossy shade where she rested:

Sun-winged butterflies lay dead around her solitude.
Anger hung from chains, sadness peered from its cage.
Disdain rained from above, smothering
the embers of her dire brilliance.

I tried to speak, but tears tossed my words away.

Dew dripped from leaves and beheld our souls.
A fragrant wind settled in on the moment.
I looked at her chest and saw why she cried—
If I’d known her heart was broken I’d have slain the cause.

A rumble went through the darkness as her pain stirred.
A flock of subfusc ravens peered on with dark intent.
I sat beside her. I put her head upon my shoulder,
I did not know if she’d remember my name.

Quietly, I blew whispers through her hair:

I will hold you, protect you,
put my strength around you, like a castle.
Lay my cheek to yours, and warm your face,
make you feel safe enough to leave this place.

That sent fires burning and ravens fleeing.
Chains hit the ground, falling on mounds of red ash.
The cage went cold, its contents flown away,
the wind carried off the loitering disdain.

And I will cup my hands,
collect the sorrow which drips from your heart.
Splash my face with your pain,
find redemption as I look through your eyes.

Because I have come, my love,
not to save us,
but to re-create us.

(From the book Kairos)

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