Thursday, October 9, 2014

Since Nothing of Us Remains (old unpublished poem)

Since nothing of us remains, and the angels have gone silent.
Since my heart beats regular, and the world’s much more plain,
I’ll live my days quietly and never speak her name. 

I made a fight where destiny prevails; my blood pumped with disdain.
And it may be assumed that good things are for good people,
but there’s a lesson much deeper than that, for me. 

Now, since my eyes are icy, and the landscape pulls my attention,
what’s left on the table is of no concern.
One thing I’ve learned to do is not provoke the pain. 

And to avoid pain maybe we should avoid love, or so I’ve often preached.
Yet my heart always cries NO—for it continues to seek, with or without me—
knowing that without the longing, we cannot appreciate the having. 

Moral is: life goes on, with our without the things we desire.
But we must always remember to leave open the door to our hearts,
for the heart is fond of sweet visits.

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