Monday, December 29, 2014

Intimate Universes

Intimate Universes
Inspired by the theory that cosmic branes (of a multiverse) can touch and influence one another

Their “kiss” lasted but one millionth of a second,
though truly timeless and spared of angels; a mere gleam
in the dreaming eye of Pan; the first quiver of life in primordial ooze.
A singularity popped off the tongue of a howling black hole,
expanded where nascent gods toss rose petals over looping,
cosmic currents, shot plasma-fire blue into the nothing of our universe—
a universe silent as an ash-covered opera—until the chaos of cooling atoms
induced space-time and spark, lending symphonic gravity
to the tenacity of evolution, to the intangibles of consciousness.

This poem was nominated for a 2015 Rhysling Award. It was later published in the book Wilderness & Love.

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