Sunday, January 1, 2012


This is a list of all my published science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories. Most can be read by clicking the title. Unless otherwise noted, the publication listed after each title is where the story first appeared. For a detailed publication history, see the "Ongoing Story Appearances" tab above.

ss = short story
ff = flash fiction

2015: The Blackout Killer (Tales to Terrify, audio podcast) - ss
2015: Potawatomi Island (Electric Spec) - ss
2014: Soulsucker (Schlock! Webzine; collaboration story) - ss
2014: The Hunchback's Captive (The Horror Zine; Editor's Pick Writer, October 2014) - ss
2014: Not for Mortal Eyes (Disturbed Digest) - ss
2014: Girl with the Crooked Spine (Electric Spec) - ss
2014: The Tramp Clown's Secret (Space and Time Magazine) - ss
2013: Spiral of Flies (Morpheus Tales) - ss
2013: Emily's Meadow (Schlock! Webzine) - ss
2012: Charon Falls into the Styx (Bards and Sages Quarterly) - ff
2012: Strings ( - ff
2012: Deal Down at the Hospital (MicroHorror) - ff
2012: Bright Moon Stray (Flashshot) - ff
2011: Red Icicles (Flashes in the Dark) - ff
2011: The Unfortunate Heartbreak of Faritook the Earwig (State of Imagination) - ff
2011: Penumbra (Black Petals; also a 2012 Editors' Choice at Bewildering Stories) - ff
1998: The Dead Man Who Appears (Spire Magazine; also a 1999 Pushcart Prize nominee) - ss

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