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Thoughts & Observations
"A few years ago, while visiting St. Louis..." (Original title: Subjective Beauty)
"A light is brightest..."
"Day is a bright open eye..."
"From my point of view..."
"I grieve for the storytellers..."
"I'm slipping from my skin..."
"In the pitch black of the future..." NEW
Journal entries from old notebook (non-extant)
Journal entries from Morton Arboretum nature writing class 2004
Journal entries from Wildbranch Writing Workshop 2004 (non-extant)
"Some memories are scars..." NEW
"Once, at a Waffle House..." (Original title: Subjective Beauty)
Ranty Thing: The Internet (non-extant)
"The earth and the sky..." [coming soon]
"Why do I seek truth..."
"You awoke one morning..."

Essays, Articles, & Reviews
Book Review: The Ghost in  the Corner and Other Stories by Lord Dunsany NEW
Cri du Chat Syndrome
Environmental Ethics: Development
Promoting the Concept of Perception as a Recreation
Suburbia and Suburban Wildlife

Humor & Other Oddities


This is a complete list of all my poems. Most can be read by clicking the title. Some are only available in print. For a detailed publication history, see the tab above. To view the poems included in one of my books, visit the book page and click a "Contents" link.

*******7 New Stars
A Night on the Beach (only in print version of Kairos)
A Year of Perfect Days
About Love
"Above the creek..." (unpublished)
Afterword (unpublished)
All Because of You (unpublished)
"All the right words..."
Before the Storm Wet the Earth (1st place poetry, 5th Annual Skyway Writers Festival)
Below Zero
Beyond the Horizon (non-extant)
Binary Star (non-extant)
Bite of Egomania, The (unpublished)
Bleak Hour, The
Bloom of Gray (unpublished)
Boarding Up an Empty Heart (unpublished)
Broken Hearts in Paris
Catbird, The (possibly the first poem I ever wrote)
Comfort Zone
Commercial for the Wide-eyed and Lonely (unpublished)
Common Yellowthroat at Dusk NEW
Could You Stay the Night, Forever?
Dark Bars and 1 Drink Too Many (unpublished)
Dawn Chorus (featured on a UK-based radio program)
Demon Hands Upon Her Skin
Done (non-extant)
Dream Work (non-extant)
Dreams of a Garden (unpublished)
Dryad Weeping on a Fallen Tree
Empty Thrush, The
Existence of You, The (Long Story ShortPoem of the Month, February 2014)
Faerystruck Down (2014 Rhysling Award nominee)
Falling Apart
Fish-tailing (only in print version of Kairos)
"Forced to look at the illusion of myself..." (fragments; unpublished)
Free to Go (unpublished)
Fresh Morning
Goblins Came, The
Gold 'n' Blue Sunrise
Good Night
"How can I dream of you..." (fragment; unpublished)
How I Find Light (non-extant)
I Forgive Your Cautious Heart (unpublished)
I Know a Girl (unpublished)
I Love You (Best of the Web - Love Life Poems)
"I walk past laughing lovers..."
"I want to be..." NEW
I Will Rise and Look Upon Her (unpublished)
"I shook with longing..." (fragment; unpublished)
I.D.H. and F.H.L. (only in print version of Kairos)
I. Bottle. Situation. (unpublished)
Illusion for the Web of Roads
"I'm slipping from my skin..."
Imagining a Change in Form to Establish Roots in Meaning
In Pursuit of a Better Day (only in print version of Kairos)
Intimate Universes (2015 Rhysling Award nominee)
"It isn't her fault…"
Ivory, Bills, and Woodpeckers (only in print version of Kairos)
Killing a Man on a Bridge for Pleasure
Kiss Me Hello
Kiss of Two Cities, The (non-extant)
Labyrinth Mouth (unpublished)
Last Words
Look at a Photograph
Look at a Photograph (Public Display version; unpublished)
Lust in Cyberspace (non-extant)
Making Amends
Man at the Window
Metamorphosis (unpublished)
Meteor Showers (I'm not crazy) (only in print version of Kairos)
Neutral Ground
Never Let It In
New Pattern
Not So Bad (only in print version of Kairos)
Obnoxious to LS (a series of intentionally bad poems written for a particular occasion; unpublished)
One Sand Grain of 6.5 Billion
Only A Dream?
Out of the Ad Space (voted best poem of Aoife's Kiss #42)
Outside, the Silent Garden
Pace of Waiting, The
Paper (non-extant)
Poet (nominated for Best of the Net 2014)
Props at My Funeral, The (nominated for Best of the Net 2011)
Prothonotary Warbler at Dawn NEW
Psalm of My Own
Quieting the Agnostic (unpublished)
Roman Today (non-extant)
Room that Isn't There, The (unpublished)
Ruffed Grouse NEW
Saint Agnes
Searching for Shibboleth (non-extant)
Seasonally Home (with artwork)
Sketch by Sketch
Sky (non-extant)
Somewhere (honorable mention, 4th Annual Skyway Writers Festival)
"Spring migration..."
Stopwatch (Sturner's most published poem)
Stuck With It (unpublished)
Subliminal Antihero Hero
Submission (only in print version of Kairos)
This One Heart (unpublished)
Thoughts of Away (non-extant)
Though Unseen, Her Soul Is Lucid
Trees Outstanding
Trout Swimming Upstream for Nickels and Dimes (winner, Wilda Morris's Poetry Challenge, Dec. 2009)
Unborn (non-extant)
Usurpers Evil (unpublished)
Where She Sleeps
White Goddess, The (non-extant)
White Heart
White Truth
"Winter at dawn..."
Winter from Below
Winter Vacation (non-extant)
Yeti, The (unpublished)
You are the Sunset, I am the Sun (unpublished)
"You found me, rebuilt me..." (fragment; unpublished)
You've Entered My Heart


A Man Lays Down
A Real Cut-Up
"A rose, by candlelight..."
"Acid rain drips off the unspoken tongue..."
Another Reason I Love You
"Anticipation has made this..." (fragment)
"Autumn turns me your favorite colors..."
"Bird of Paradise..."
"Counting stars..." (fragment)
"Crumbling ships press on..."
...Early to Rise
"I am a flake off the scalp of insanity..." (fragment)
"I fumbled over my waking..."
"I have no gestures for my story..." (fragment)
"I should go explore the cosmos..." (fragment)
I Stand, Waiting
"I'd have been a beggar..." (fragment)
"I will pull you into view..."
"If there is anything impossible..." (fragment)
"If you're ever free to wander..." (fragment)
"I open my arms to an avalanche..." (fragment)
Is Love...
"I've wondered about Time..."
Last Broken Day, The
"Lately/In the forest..."
"Let's say you actually dig your way to China..."
Let Us Go There

FICTION (mostly speculative)

This is a list of all my (mostly) science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories. Most can be read by clicking the title. Unless otherwise noted, the publication listed after each title is where the story first appeared. For a detailed publication history, see the tab above. To view the stories included in one of my books, visit the book page and click a "Contents" link.

ss = short story
ff = flash fiction
mf = micro-fiction

An Interview with Creepyboy Jack (juvenilia; unpublished) - ff
"An old woman sat in her flower garden..." (non-extant) - mf
Blackout Killer, The (Tales to Terrify, audio podcast 2016) - ss
Bright Moon Stray (Flashshot 2012) - ff
Charon Falls into the Styx (Bards and Sages Quarterly 2012) - ff
Cocky Fisherman, The (unpublished) - mf
Dead Man Who Appears, The (Spire Magazine 1998; also a 1999 Pushcart Prize nominee) - ss
Deal Down at the Hospital (MicroHorror 2012) - ff
Emily's Meadow (Schlock! Webzine 2013) - ss
Emma's Favorite Thing to Look At (Pond Ripples Magazine 2011) - ff
Girl with the Crooked Spine, The (Electric Spec 2014) - ss
Heart that Sizzled in the Devil's Palm, The (hard copy only; unpublished) - ss
Hunchback's Captive, The (The Horror Zine 2014; Editor's Pick Writer, October) - ss
Johnny No One (juvenilia; unpublished) - ff
Not for Mortal Eyes (Disturbed Digest 2014) - ss
Penumbra (Black Petals 2011; Editors' Choice at Bewildering Stories 2012) - ff
Dark Island, The (aka Potawatomi Island) (Electric Spec 2015) - ss
Prairie, The (hard copy only; unpublished) - ss
Red Icicles (Flashes in the Dark 2011) - ff
Shouldn't Have Locked You in the Closet (non-extant) - mf
Soulsucker (Schlock! Webzine 2014; collaboration story) - ss
Spiral of Flies (Morpheus Tales 2013) - ss
Strings ( 2012) - ff
Tramp Clown's Secret, The (Space and Time Magazine 2014) - ss
Unfortunate Heartbreak of Faritook the Earwig, The (State of Imagination 2011) - ff

Rough Drafts:
Behind the Hagioscope
Chapel of the Pitch Black Forest
Current Theory of the Otherworldly Head
Lumberjack's Beard, The
Of Trysts and Hellbenders
Off the Earth Hook-Up
Soldier on the Beach, The
Trespasser in the Poets' Court
Untitled story about alien abduction and dinosaurs