Sunday, January 1, 2012


This is a list of my published science fiction, fantasy, and horror poems. Most can be read by clicking the title. Unless otherwise noted, the publication listed after each title is where the poem first appeared (excluding my poetry books). For a detailed publication history, see the "Ongoing Poetry Appearances" tab above.

2015: Ghoul of the Enamel (Spectral Realms)
2015: We Call Them the Gods (Tales of the Talisman)
2014: Post-Funeral Mission (to Mars) (Tales of the Talisman)
2014: Intimate Universes (Tales of the Talisman; nominated for a 2015 Rhysling Award)
2014: Neutral Ground (prose poem/vignette; The Linnet's Wings)
2014: Misery of He Who is Older than All Men (Tales of the Talisman)
2014: Sketch by Sketch (prose poem/vignette; Rose Red Review)
2013: Faerystruck Down (Tales of the Talisman; nominated for a 2014 Rhysling Award)
2013: Making Amends (Star*Line)
2012: Belch (Space and Time Magazine)
2012: Out of the Ad Space (Aoife's Kiss; voted best poem of that issue)
2012: Time to Grow Up Where There's No Time at All (Mythic Delirium)
2012: The Politician's New Heart (The Speculative Edge)
2012: Illusion for the Web of Roads (Sein und Werden)
2012: New Pattern (The Speculative Edge)
2012: The Goblins Came (The World of Myth Magazine)
2008: The Props at My Funeral (2009: Poetry Super Highway; 2011 Best of the Net nominee)
2006: Arachnophobia Cured! (2009: Spaceports and Spidersilk)
2004: Dryad Weeping on a Fallen Tree (2011: Space and Time Magazine)
2004: The Impatient (2011: Thirteen Myna Birds; Best of 2012: SNM Horror Magazine)
2004: Never Let It In (2013: Death Throes Webzine)
2004: Glass Hope (2012: Death Head Grin Anthology, Vol. 1)
2004: Killing a Man on a Bridge for Pleasure (2011: Death Head Grin)
1999: Ted (2011: Catfish Gringo River)
1999: Each Second That Passes (Penny Dreadful)
1999: White Truth (Songs of Innocence)
1999: Somewhere (4th Annual Skyway Writers Festival: honorable mention)

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