Sunday, January 1, 2012


This is a list of most of my nature poems. Most can be read by clicking the title. For a detailed publication history, see the "Ongoing Poetry Appearances" tab above.

2017: "I want to be..."
2017: Ruffed Grouse
2017: The Ca'erpiwah (prose poem/vignette)
2016: Hermit Thrush
2016: Brown Creeper
2016: All the Good of the World (prose poem/vignette)
2015: Butterfly
2015: Gold 'n' Blue Sunrise
2015: Winter from Below
2014: Intimate Universes (nominated for a 2015 Rhysling Award)
2014: Neutral Ground (prose poem/vignette)
2014: Sketch by Sketch (prose poem/vignette)
2014: Dawn Chorus
2013: A poem written in Washington
2013: "Winter at dawn..."
2012: The Politician's New Heart
The Catbird (probably the first poem I ever wrote)
The Hawk
Winter Vacation

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